What are your payment terms?
  • 60% – at the time of booking Advance payment is non-refundable (We cannot book your order without deposit.)
  • 30% – On a date of event.
  • 10% – after finishing the undertaken work completely.
  • We do have payment plans available, please contact us for more detail but in any case the invoice amount needs to be paid before the event starts.
What will I receive from you?
  • Photography service for 10 hours in one day.
  • Half Day Photography Services 3 to 5 hours. Exceeding this time duration will occur an extra charge of Rs. 1000 per hour.
  • All color corrected and optimized print-ready high resolution files.
  • An average set will range from 500 images for a small wedding to 1500 for a large wedding. 
  • You will get a DVD set with a High Resolution folder with all the images at the time of album delivery.
  • Please note that travelling as well as accommodation costs are NOT included in the price and will need to paid extra for events happening outside Gujarat
How long will it take you to deliver my pictures and album?
  • Timeframes can range anywhere from two to four months, depending on the time of the year and other factors. 
  • The average delivery time is usually four months but it may take more time. 
  • In any case, delivery of the final DVD and Album will be less than 120 days after Photo Selection Process.
I want a wedding album. Can you quote for this?
  • Yes, definitely we can make wedding album for you. We offer design that suits YOUR taste. 
  • We have a world class creative design team that custom edits your photo book page by page. No templates are used. 
  • The colours and design on every page are harmonized with your event.
  • Our wedding album packages are truly one of the best and competitive packages in Gujarat and India. 
Do you also do Videography?
  • Yes , we also do Videography & Cinematography.
Can I make changes in photo-books?
  • We will be able to change bits and pieces in you photo-book (maximum 10 changes – excludes redesigning of page from scratch) .
Can I make changes in post-production videos?

•    We do make changes in photo-books and send it to you for proofing (if your package includes service “Online Album Proofing”) before printing but post production video DVDs cannot be edited.

  • King Photography retains the copyright and usage rights of images and videos.